Guide To Choosing Your Kid’s First Smartphone

Guide To Choosing Your Kid’s First Smartphone

As a parent you may be considering getting your child a smartphone because of the many great features that it can help to enrich your child’s life. Of course there are many steps you need to think about before buying a smartphone which include when to buy one for your child, how to choose the right one for your child, where is the best place to learn more about smartphones as well as buy them and what smartphone is best for your child’s needs. Here is our general guide that we suggest when you are thinking about buying your child a smartphone:

When To Give Your Child A Smartphone

This is a fairly common dilemma to many parents. Wondering if their children are old and mature enough to handle such technology is a considerably big issue in the minds of parents, with typically a range of different reasons for why parents may or may not want their children to be exposed to this amount of communication technology. Some parents may be more inclined to gradually introduce this technology to children through devices that limit their child’s usage to safe levels. It could be advised that before children are exposed to smartphones, they have a basic grasp of how the technology works with a more controlled experience first. The imoo Watch Phone Z6 has a proven record of providing limited communications for a suitable level for children. This is backed up by a parent who bought their child a imoo Watch Phone Z6 for their child and had this to say: I didn't want to introduce a mobile phone as my son is only 10 and rarely apart from us but he has just started to become independent enough to ride his bike around the estate so want to ensure he can contact us if in trouble or we contact him if needed. Buying the imoo Watch Phone Z6 for their child in this situation turned out to be more of an advantage to the parent as it still allowed them to contact their child but with a more controlled and safe digital space.

How To Choose A Smartphone

Parents knowing how to choose the right smartphone for their child is important as they may have different priorities. Parents may feel that smartphones lack locating features to allow their children to go outside alone with an article from make time 2 play discovering that 63% of parents believe that it is more dangerous to play outside now than when they were children with the top 5 concerns from parents being increase in traffic, stranger danger, inability to monitor activities, gangs confrontation and study prevention, they may also feel that they are not able to moderate the communication features as discussed in an article from Lifehack which gave 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hand A Smartphone to Your Children” which includes reason like They alter parent-child relationshipscauses addiction and desensitizes children to violence, these issues are especially important for their child’s safety. Some parents may also think that smartphones are too expensive for their child and may not have the budget to replace the device if broken or lost. All of these considerations are important to consider when thinking about getting their child a smartphone. It might just be that an alternative device like the imoo Watch Phone Z6 could be more appropriate for their children at this current stage in their lives.

Where To Find Information About A Smartphone

Parents knowing where to find the appropriate smartphone for their child is important, typically parents collect information about all the devices from a range of different sources before they typically go out to buy. This information could be from word of mouth from friends and family or from articles giving parents insight on the technology according to a recent survey carried out by the imoo team. Feedback from parents suggested that they are more trusting of technology that is able to educate them of what the device does before they potentially go out to buy and then give their children. It is advised that you check official websites and blogs to get a clear idea of if the device is suitable for your child when possible as they tend to be more reliable sources of information.

What Smartphone To Choose

After parents discover more about devices and determine the devices that are available and see what the devices can do as well as the potential risks and benefits of each device, this is when parents typically are able to have a more educated decision of exactly what is suitable for their child. It could be a case that parents feel that their child may not quite be ready to buy a smartphone for their child and after making this decision they are now looking for an alternative that they feel is more suitable. Something like the imoo Watch Phone Z6 could be the alternative that parents are looking for their child to use on a daily basis because of a number of different advantages it has over smartphones.

Why Choose imoo Watch Phone Z6

The imoo Watch Phone Z6 offers many of the features that your child would enjoy on a smartphone like calls, messages and cameras, but it also includes many things that a smartphone doesn’t have. The imoo Watch Phone Z6 has Real Time Locating which gives parents the ability to check where their children are at any time. It also has moderation settings that give parents more control over what their children can use and who they can contact. It is also built to a high quality, making it water resistant and more resilient than smartphones. This device can certainly be a great gateway into introducing children to communication technology in a controlled and safe way.