Introducing Your Child To The Digital World Safely!

Introducing Your Child To The Digital World Safely!

The digital world is far more prominent today, with brand new devices being introduced more than ever. Because of this continued normalisation of the digital world, devices are also now more widely available to more and more people, this includes children.

Parents may be mindful of their children’s increasing expectation for parents to allow them to be connected to the digital world. As they decide if their child is ready to be exposed to the digital world. And what are the implications of giving their child a smartphone too early. Parents may be worried with the potential social and safety issues that come with a smartphone, so it has become more apparent that devices specifically for children are more important than ever. To ensure that some of the parents concerns are met while also taking into consideration vital development stages of childhood. imoo Watch Phone Z6 offers children that option to be connected to the digital world while giving parents more options to keep tabs on what their children to make sure they stay healthy and safe.


According to a survey published by Panda Security “A third of parents cited that too much screen time as their biggest worry about kids having smartphones”. According to Panda Security, brain development of a 4 to 6 year old can find “Screens to be overstimulating and produce adrenaline and dopamine, making them highly addictive”. This in particular is something that the imoo Watch Phone Z6 was made to combat against. By including their Class Mode feature in the imoo app (in house app for parents smartphone), parents now have the parental control features to ensure that their children are only able to use the Watch Phone at specified times chosen by the parent, unless of course there's an emergency and parents need to contact their child. This feature hopefully gives parents peace of mind.

The imoo app in particular can be a useful tool for parents for a number of reasons. While they begin to introduce their children to the benefits of the digital world through the imoo Watch Phone Z6, the parents are able to ensure their safety by blocking their children from any potential harmful sites. According to Panda Security, brain development of a 7 to 11 year old with a smartphone can find that “Kids have access to sites that promote over-reliance of peer validation and bullying occurs”. This of course is something that imoo had in mind with their inclusion of parental controls.


It is also apparent that another big concern for parents is knowing the location of their child. There are a number of reasons why these may be concerns to parents. According to Kids Health in an article about preventing abductions, they say that The first few hours are the most critical in missing-child cases”This of course is something that was greatly considered in the development of imoo Watch Phone Z6 when they developed the GPS features which allow parents to always be notified the second the child leaves a location set up by the parent  in the Security Guard settings of the imoo app. As well as this the imoo app allows parents to check up on the location of their child at any point with AI Locating.

Of course there are benefits that come with owning a smartphone like the ability to take photos, send messages and video chat with friends and family. Many of the benefits that come from owning a smartphone are also included in imoo Watch Phone Z6 that allows the ability of your child to video call with friends and family in a safe digital environment. This allows typical features that you see in smartphones today such as a make friends feature and fitness tracker to compare with each other. Not only this imoo Watch Phone Z6 is noted to be the first of its kind, with it’s dual camera set up which allows the face of the watch to be flipped to a vertical position and gives parents the option to view the front or back camera during each video call with their child. This also allows parents to check up on the surroundings of their child when they are not together.

There are a number of reasons why parents may consider getting their child a smartphone but a number of different thoughts parents may have when deciding if it is safe for their children and of course many concerns parents may have. However imoo Watch Phone Z6 has a well optimised user experience tailored for children with many safety, locating and communication features to alleviate any of the parents concerns. While also offering children a safer alternative to a smartphone at a lower price than a mid-level smartphone.