What Do Parents Love About imoo?

What Do Parents Love About imoo?

No matter where you are as a parent, you have many things you need to balance in your busy life including a career, a home, and children you need to care for. It can be hard work keeping a balance with everything, this balance also works with keeping our children safe while also giving them the independence and freedom they need to grow. It’s important to consider that all children are at different levels of development and need different levels of care.


Why Did They Buy an imoo Watch Phone Z6?

We conducted a recent survey for parents who bought the imoo Watch Phone Z6, and we learned that the majority of imoo customers have 2 to 3 children. This indicates a keypoint for parents' is a need for a device that can allow them to split their attention between all the children, even when they cannot keep an eye on all of them at once. This showed us that the imoo Watch Phone Z6 is a key part in keeping their children safe with over 96% of parents feeling the device was safe. Parents also felt it was especially useful during times when their child was alone doing things like outdoor activities and events, going out with friends or going to and from school. This can be confirmed by one parent who said that they “could reach her when she is outside alone”

Their reasons why some of these parents may have considered giving their child a smartphone when you consider all the different circumstances it may be needed, but these same parents were reluctant to expose their child to so much technology that could present its own potential issues. From our recent survey the overwhelming reason they gave their child a imoo Watch Phone Z6 is for child safety. One parent had this to say “I didn't want to introduce a mobile phone as my son is only 10 and rarely apart from us but he has just started to become independent enough to ride his bike around the estate so want to ensure he can contact us if in trouble or we contact him if needed”.


What Do They Think About The imoo Watch Phone Z6?

With the key reasons why parents decided to buy the imoo Watch Phone Z6 for their children now discussed, what are the parents and children's thoughts about the device? In our survey 93% of parents said they were satisfied, with 3 particular reasons for both parents and children find to use the imoo Watch Phone Z6 on a daily basis according to their feedback:

Locating: this helps parents check the location of their child using GPS technology whenever and wherever they like, this can be checked if the children are where they say they are while they outside doing activities, at school or around a friends house.

Communication: this allows children and parents to conveniently video and voice call each other as well as message each other whenever they like. This is particularly important if there is an emergency or if you need to get in touch with each other for something important.

Moderation: this gives parents the options to keep their child's cyberspace as safe as possible by creating a tailored Contact List of people that the parents feel comfortable with their child having contact with on the device.


Does imoo Watch Phone Z6 Suit Its Purpose?

According to our survey, both parents and children say they enjoy what imoo Watch Phone Z6 has to offer by giving their children something fun to use and giving parents insurance they can keep their child safe. This is supported with the survey that says 93% of parents would recommend the imoo Watch Phone Z6. They say that the device is perfect for their child who they feel is too young to use and own a smartphone but find this to them is a great solution. One parent told us this “Technical family so we have lots of useful gadgets in the home - the Z6 is a fantastic gadget with the added sense of safety with tracking and freedom for the child to contact us if they need to”Over 93% of parents say the imoo Watch Phone Z6 is a great alternative to a smartphone with parents saying it allows them to stay in contact with their children without the need for their child to own a smartphone with parents saying it was a “Good compromise instead of smartphone”.

So now that you have had the chance to hear the perspective of others who have bought the device, what are your thoughts about imoo? We would love to hear what you have to say about your experience.


imoo Team