FAQ on imoo App

Download & Install

1. Make sure the network is normal. Note whether the APP download fails or the APP installation fails.
2. If the download fails, try changing the network.
3. If the installation fails, uninstall the old version before updating to the new one.

1. Download imoo APP from Google Play or App Store by searching "imoo Watch Phone".
2. Download imoo APP from imoostore.com.
3. Scan the QR code in the product package to download the APP.

Registration & Binding

Support on binding your imoo Watch Phone to mobile phone

1. Confirm that the account belongs to the administrator. Only the administrator can receive the application message.
2. The administrator can enter the contact interface in the mobile APP and refresh to see if there is any application for binding.

1. Install the APP on another phone and log in with the account you registered before.
2. If the watch is bound to other family members, choose “Forget Password” in the APP login interface, then retrieve the password with the help of family members. After a new password is set, your account will be frozen for 24 hours, and you can log in normally with your new password after 24 hours.