FAQ on imoo Watch Phone

imoo Manual

There is a paper manual in the product package

SIM Card

imoo Watch Phone Z6 currently supports most mainstream operators in the three regions of Europe, North America, AsiaĀ andĀ Oceania. For details,Ā Please check the following Operator Information Forms.

Supported carrier

imoo Watch Phones are tested officially only on MNOs to ensure its signal clarity & energy consumption is at optimum level. Therefore, we recommend MNOs only.

The watch only supports the Nano SIM card.

Your phone plan should have at least 500M of data per month. The watch supports 4G exclusive data and 2/3/4G general data. Please confirm with the customer service staff of the operator when applying for a SIM card plan.

Yes, you will need to install a standard NANO SIM card into the watch phone.


1 Watch Body, 1 CardĀ  Picker, 1 Charging Cable, 1 color box package and 1 manual

At present, electronic products widely use the same charging adaptor and almost every household has a charging adaptor already. For the sake of energy conservation and environmental protection, the watch has not provided with a charging adaptor when it leaves the factory. You can use the charging head of an iPhone or Android phone to charge your watch

Charging & Battery

It takes about an hour for the watch to fully charge. When fully charged, the watch can be used normally for one day with constant video calls. In the case of not being used, the watch can remain on standby for about 3 days. In the case where signal is constantly weak, just like a cellphone, energy consumption will be higher & depletes faster.
Note: The data was obtained from laboratory tests, so the actual use time will vary due to factors such as use conditions, operatorsā€™ network environment, etc.


The watch will automatically download the installation package when it is charged and connected to WiFi. It can be downloaded in about 20 minutes under normal network conditions. After downloading, keep the watch on. When the battery power is above 50%, the watch will be automatically upgraded. No charger is required during the upgrade, which will be completed in 3-4 minutes.
Note: The time required for downloading and upgrading is determined by the network environment to which the watch is connected.